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Pastor Faylontá High

"The Women's Goal Party" is an instructional, goal-achieving system developed by Pastor Faylontá High to help women in reaching their goals; whether short term or long term, whether big or small, this system will help each woman strategically pinpoint what direction is needed and exactly how to obtain her goal. The special part about this system is the use of God's Word; Pastor High uses scripture to help you achieve and obtain your goals! The system comprises of quizzes, worksheets, videos and even a social platform to connect with other women who are achieving their goals. This system will guide each individual woman to not only achieving her goal but celebrating at every single step. *Please Note: At this time, "The Women's Goal Party" is for New Creation members only.

So come on ladies! Let's celebrate every step, achieve your goals and do this!

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IMPORTANT: A password is needed to access the button below.

If you do not have a password, please email the church's administrator at

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